Maverick and My Son

Several years ago, my family was fortunate to be volunteering at an amazing horse rescue called Throwaway Ponies in Rockwall, Texas.

There was a particular rescued horse at TaPs named Maverick. He was a bay Morgan who was scared to death and didn't want anyone near him. He clearly had been abused and was extremely scared of everyone and everything, including us. Yet, my son and I found ourselves drawn to him and wanted to spend time with him.

TaPs began a program called Team Horse. Volunteers were paired up to work with a particular horse to help it be ready for adoption. TaPs owner Karen Bander asked my son and I to pair up with Maverick. Our goal was just to get close enough to him to be able to halter him. It was very unlikely that Maverick would be adopted anytime soon. We worked with Maverick 3 times a week and loved every minute of it.

Everyone was shocked that we wanted to work with Maverick, and at the fact that he was actually responding to us. A few weeks in to working with him, I realized why this pairing was meant to be. Our sons were adopted from Russia. They were abandoned and abused in an orphanage before we got them home with us. My son was able to relate so well with Maverick because he experienced the pain and trauma that Maverick experienced. I fell in love with Maverick knowing that he was from that same background, but he allowed my son and I into his world.

Today, Maverick is a happy, playful gelding. He has been adopted by a family that loves him and he loves in return. He still does not trust people other than his new owners. It's true that there is a special someone for each horse. We are the lucky family that Maverick loves and trusts, thanks to TaPs.

Helping Horses... Healing Hearts


Leigh Ann