­­Throwaway Ponies is a great nonprofit organization that helps horses and people of all ages.  I first brought my two girls here about a year and a half ago to help my oldest with A.D.D.  She has issues with being painfully shy, among other things, and when we first came, she refused to get out of the car.  It took determination and lots of patience from one of the volunteers to get her to the point where she would even sit on the bleachers to watch the other kids.  Now, she is out there leading other kids around on the horses and working horses in the round pen.  Through the kindness and love from the people at TaPs, my daughter is now more apt to extend kindness and love than to just sit on the sidelines.  And I no longer have to drag her out of the car but she asks to come out to see the horses on a regular basis.  The presence of God is truly felt on this land, among the animals, and through the loving hands and hearts of the many volunteers that come and help make TaPs what it is, a safe haven.   -- Heather D.


Throwaway Ponies came to my rescue by taking my beautiful horses that I was physically unable to care for.  Karen rescued me.  I couldn’t stand the thought that my beloved Gambler wouldn’t be with me.  I brought him into this world, saw his first breath, and knew I’d be there for his last.  Through TaPs, Gambler was adopted by a wonderful family – another little girl and spunky boy who will love Gambler as much as I still do.  Our mare, Sue, has flourished with the love and attention from the outstanding volunteers.  This organization uses each penny donated for the benefit of the animals they rescue.  But they also rescue people.  -- Gambler’s Mom


We visited Throwaway Ponies just to see this wonderful organization, and visit with the horses, hoping to someday adopt.  Well, after being there and seeing for ourselves what they do, we were compelled to keep coming back.  We fell in love with a couple rescue horses, and even though we were going through some rough financial times, Throwaway Ponies made it easy for us to adopt them. –- Art


Throwaway Ponies has been an absolute blessing for my daughter and for myself.  TaPs (Throwaway Ponies) is a wonderful place for horses and people of all ages.  Humans and horses benefit from each other at TaPs.  There are many different ways to help the horses, just as there are many ways to benefit from them.  Not all of the needs at Taps require strenuous physical work.  Some needs are paperwork, computer work, phone calls, organizing fundraisers, etc.  If you love physical work in the wonderful outdoors then TaPs is a great place for that also.  We began at TaPs with my daughter participating in the Kids Club in the fall of 2011, and we are still there.  She was taught right away how to feed, catch, halter, groom, clean hooves, saddle, and clean up after the horses.  The Kids Club was a fabulous experience for my daughter.  Thanks to the time, money and love given to Throwaway Ponies from Karen Bander, her family, and all of the volunteers, we continue to benefit from them, as do many other people and horses.  -- Ms. Rose


My son has been diagnosed with Aspergers.  He deals with depression, and the psychologist recommended Throwaway Ponies.  It was the best recommendation ever!  My son began with getting to know the horses, then he began English riding lessons.  He made so much progress emotionally, physically, and socially.  The horses, environment and Karen Bander taught him well!  I would recommend Throwaway Ponies with the highest recommendations!!!!!  -- Julie


I was a stay-at-home mom for over 25 years.  I felt a little lost when my last daughter moved out.  I spent a lot of time praying and trying to figure out how I wanted to invest my time and passion.  My daughter’s best friend mentioned she volunteered at a horse rescue.  I had a horse as a child and those are some of my fondest memories of childhood.  I decided to go out to Throwaway Ponies with her, and I immediately felt at home.  The people were friendly and enthusiastic about what they were accomplishing.  The more I was there, the more I loved it.  I have been volunteering at TaPs for almost two years now.  I have learned so much about the care of horses and the love horses have for others.  I have learned so much about myself and have discovered the fulfilling passion I find in horses.  The program’s foundation is developing horses and people alike.  The owner, Karen Bander, makes you feel like an important member of this family.  She is a true inspiration to the volunteers.  I will be eternally grateful for this season in my life.  -- Donna



I volunteered and donated to TaPs last year.  Every dollar donated directly benefits the horses, people, and other animals served by this organization.  The experience was awesome and the people are amazing.  No horse, person, or animal should be thrown away – TaPs gives them all a place to be useful and valued.  Love Throwaway Ponies!  -- Lynn


I began volunteering with Throwaway Ponies March 2012.  I knew when I quit working that I wanted to “give back” somewhere.  I love horses and people, so I began praying for a perfect place that met my passions.  I met with Karen, and felt at home instantly.  Throwaway Ponies is family owned, and everyone that comes out soon becomes part of this family.  Volunteers can choose from many areas of service, from scooping poop to computer work.  Our mission is to rehab horses and heal hearts.  We take in neglected horses, rehab them, then put them up for foster care or adoption.  We provide a safe friendly place for people to find comfort and peace while working with the horses within their comfort level.  It is so rewarding to see the horses improve along with the handlers and then to see the horses get to go to a forever home.  I am very thankful to TaPs for being there for the community, serving a need for both equines and us humans. -- Anonymous


My daughter and I volunteer at Throwaway Ponies a couple times a week.  Karen has opened her home and heart, not only to the animals, but to the people as well.  We may all have various backgrounds and lives, but we all come together to do everything possible to make the horses, donkeys, and other animals that make their way there, comfortable and happy.  Come rain, snow or sunshine, Karen and all the volunteers take care of the animals.  This program that helps the horses someday find a forever home, also helps the caregivers mend their own hearts as well.  We are so lucky to have other horse lovers in Rockwall, Texas.  Home is where the horse is!  If you have always wanted to care for horses, be around horses, or just give some of your time, Throwaway Ponies is your place!  -- Mary Elizabeth




Throwaway Ponies is a wonderful place for abandoned or abused horses, as well as for people.  The dedication, care, and compassion here is outstanding.  It is not only therapeutic for the horses, but extremely therapeutic for people of all ages dealing with a multitude of issues.  Throwaway Ponies has been life-changing for my children.  They have learned trust, compassion, dedication, and the importance of helping others.  We feel very blessed to be a part of this remarkable organization.  -- Leigh Ann


Throwaway Ponies is a wonderful organization!  It teaches kids self-confidence as they learn to groom and saddle a horse that is much bigger than them.  In addition, the physical benefits of core strengthening, balance, and coordination are addressed when the children ride the horses around the ring, around poles, and over the bridge.  Children heal by helping the horses heal.  The horses love the attention that the kids give them, whether grooming, bathing, or giving them treats.  TaPs is a great organization run by a lady with a big heart for both kids and horses!  -- Timothy


I recently started volunteering here, feeding, and working with the horses when I can.  I love horses and if I could, I would run a sanctuary of my own, and I would absolutely model it after ThrowAway Ponies!  The amount of work and love that goes into these neglected, abused, forgotten horses is phenomenal!  You can truly see it when you encounter each horse!  They’ve come to trust and love humans again.  The children that attend the kids’ clubs learn so much, not just about the horses, but to have confidence in themselves.  In the short time that I have been volunteering, I’ve witnessed so many wonderful things, from neglected horses, untrained and forgotten horses, to the children that are learning to work with them!  I am a huge fan of TaPs!!  May God continue to bless the Banders with volunteers and funding to help more needy horses!  -- Melanie Z.