Team Horse

This popular program enables participants to work one-on-one with a horse to help it get adopted.



Individual:  $50/month

Family:  $75/month



1.  Adults and teens over age 13 (starting at age 14) who demonstrates the maturity to act safely around horses. 

2.  Anyone age 13 or younger who demonstrates the maturity to act safely around horses and is accompanied by a parent or other adult who also knows how to be around horses. Parents are encouraged to take the horsemanship classes.



Participants must attend Horsemanship classes or demonstrate they have the knowledge presented in the classes.  Horsemanship classes will be scheduled weekly.


Number of Participants

Participation is limited to the number of horses that need attention.  Some horses may have 2 TeamHorse! volunteers. These people should coordinate their efforts.



The program can include all horses except lesson horses.



Only advanced riders will be paired to train/ride horses.  Other participants will groom and do ground work.  Participants who are not paired with a horse to ride, will be able to take a lesson once a month on a lesson horse.  This must be during regular group riding lessons or during a time set up just for TeamHorse! members.


Time Commitment

Each member/family must complete a minimum of 1 hour per week of work around the barn. This includes but is not limited to:  scooping manure from the pastures, painting, sweeping, cleaning stalls, cleaning tack, organizing equipment, and helping with riding lessons.  In addition, each member/family must spend at least 30 minutes per week with their assigned horse.  More is better.



A supervising adult must be on premises at all times. This can be a parent or a TaPs volunteer.  Only approved parents may supervise.  At no time will a TaPs volunteer be responsible for a child 13 or younger unless they arrange in advance to watch the child.


All activities must be scheduled.  No “showing up” or last minute scheduling.  There will be regular times as well as scheduled times for individuals who cannot make the regular times.


The arena and round pen cannot be used unless scheduled around lessons.


Members who do not fulfill all of the requirements will be removed from TeamHorse!

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