Karen Bander, Co-founder and Director

Our Story

Throwaway Ponies (TaPs) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit horse rescue in Farmersville, TX ( 30 miles northeast of Dallas).  We rescue horses in need.  We rehabilitate them and help some of them find new homes.  We provide a permanent sanctuary for others.   Every time we help a horse, it helps people too, including those who can no longer care for their beloved horse and those who adopt horses from us.  It also provides a fulfilling experience for our volunteers. 

We couldn't do it without our valued volunteers.  Although we pay 3rd parties for some services, there are no paid staff members employed by TaPs.  100% of all donations and grants are applied directly toward helping the horses. 



Our History

Throwaway Ponies was started by Karen Bander and her daughter Mary, in 2005 to provide a home to horses that were old, lame and virtually unadoptable. Soon, the need for a rescue for other horses became apparent. Now, we have horses of all ages. 

Our Mission


We provide a safe haven for horses who have been abused and neglected or who might have been euthanized.  We build self-confidence, horsemanship, and leadership skills in our volunteers.

Our Scope


Over 50 volunteers donate their time and talent every week.  In 2013, 144 volunteers worked over 7,000 hours.


We typically have an average of approximately 60 equines.  In one recent year, we started with 77 horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys.  During the year, we accepted 30 new horses in need.  We found new homes for 41 equines.


We typically feed 1,200 square bales  plus 100 round bales of hay per year.


During our first 10 years, over 200 horses came through our gates.  138 were adopted.  26 lived out their final days at our sanctuary.   

Insights from the Community

Therapeutic Riding

We do not offer therapeutic riding, but here are some nearby facilities that do:

Equest in Wylie

Hannah's Horseshoes of Hope, Dodd City

Heavenly Hooves Therapeutic & Recreational Riding Center in Celeste 

Healing Gaits in Wylie