Horse Care Resources

Boarding Stables
Tate Farms

We know several happy healthy horses that live at Tate Farms.  They have a variety of boarding options.

Books / Magazines

There are so many great books on horse care and training.  These are just a few of our favorites.


How to Think Like a Horse, by Cherry Hill

The Modern Horseman's Countdown to Broke, by Sean Patrick

Horse Safety, by Elizabeth Moyer

Grooming, by Elizabeth Moyer


Horse and Rider

Horse Illustrated

Young Rider

Blaze Magazine, for Horse Crazy Kids



Most boarding barns have a farrier they use.  If you will keep your horses on your own property, you can find a local farrier by identifying neighbors who have horses with healthy hooves.  Ask them who they use.


This website offers a wide variety of fencing options specifically for horses.  They have listed Throwaway Ponies as one of their partners on their website.

Hay Storage
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The photos above show some good options for storing hay, but many similar solutions will also work.  There are four important requirements.


1.  Allow for plenty of ventilation.  Without air flow, moisture content and atmospheric conditions can cause hay to explode. 


2.  Protect the hay stack from the rain, somewhat.  You cannot keep it 100% dry and provide ventilation at the same time.  It is a balancing act.  Always cover the top.  You might also want to partially protect the sides.  A little rain hitting the edges won't hurt, but soaked hay will be ruined. 


3.  Stack it on pallets or any structure that will keep it off the ground.  This will prevent moisture from wicking up from the ground.


4.  Store it where the horses cannot get it.

Elephant Structures

One of our volunteers had a good experience building a hay barn with Elephant Structures.  They have a great website that enables you to design your own structure.


Horse Supplies
Holt Ranch and Feed

We buy feed from Holt Ranch and Feed.   These nice folks help support Throwaway Ponies and have all your feed needs.

Mitchell's One Stop Horse Shop

Mitchell's One Stop Horse Shop is a great place to find show apparel and other horse show supplies.

  • Feed

  • Hay

  • Bedding

  • Tack

  • Farrier Supplies

  • Stable Supplies

7612 Hwy 66, Royse City, TX 75189

Feed and Tack at Multiple Locations

Other stores that carry horse feed and a small selection of tack include Tractor Supply and Atwood's.  They each have multiple locations in North Texas.


4T Saddles and Tack

4T has an unbelievable selection of saddles at great prices (new and used).  They also have an extensive selection of bits, bridles, and other tack.  They are located in Ben Wheeler, TX, but the drive is worth it.  Make it a day trip and enjoy the beauty of East Texas.


Stores in Weatherford

If you are on the west side of the metroplex, you might want to visit the stores in Weatherford.  Weatherford is considered the quarter horse breeding capital of the United States.  Horseman's Supply has great prices.  Teskey's has top of-the-line merchandise, and lots of it.


KO Trading

KO Trading is located in Fort Worth.  They seem to specialize in English tack, but they have lots of gear for all horses.


​Horse Trailers
Double D Trailers

Double D sells horse trailers with living quarters.

Mary Bander

Mary Bander trains horses in Farmersville by appointment, as her schedule permits.  She co-founded Throwaway Ponies with her mom, Karen Bander.  She has trained numerous horses for TaPs, in addition to her many other contributions.  Call her at 214-202-4343 to discuss your training needs.

Ron Steele

Ron Steele is a full time trainer between Royse City and Quinlan, off of 276.  He has done an excellent job training horses for TaPs.  You can reach him at 214-499-1482.

TV Channels



RFD TV broadcasts several horse shows.

Ride TV

Ride TV is all about horses, all the time.



Rockwall Equine Center

Dr. Celella at the Rockwall Equine Center has helped many TaPs horses return to health after all types of injuries, illnesses, and neglect.

  • David Celella, DVM

  • Full service

  • Emergency Care 24/7

  • Fertility & Other Specialty Services

9385 CR 2432, Terrell, TX 75160