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We are primarily a sanctuary for old and injured horses. They cannot be ridden. However, we are delighted to connect them with loving families who can give them a forever home. Call to schedule an appointment if you are interested in adopting a companion horse. 






All horses are shown by appointment only, so please call or email to schedule a time to come see them.


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Adoption Testimonials

Hey Karen, everything is going great with Marley! She is such a sweetheart.  We lunge her nearly every day.  She has her leads down so well.  We ride her about 4 times a week. We are all very pleased with her; I actually wasn't expecting her to be this good of a horse. Lol..she is wonderful!! Very impressed with her -  she is such a sweet girl. My 8 year old son even rides her, with assistance of course. 


Thank you,

Haley Pittman

Karen, these two horses are such a blessing and joy for us.  I remember when we were there at TaPs last spring looking for horses.  You first showed us Faith.  DJ immediately said, “She's the one”.  She has been a good first horse for DJ to ride.  Slow and steady.  And she's such a sweet mare.  Then you brought out horses for me to get a feel for in the round pen.  Karen, you were so patient with me.  I remember you brought Sassy, a palomino, a younger thoroughbred and a few others.  And I knew none of them were “the one”.  Then Rachel showed up and asked if you had shown me Cherokee.  We had all been out there awhile, and I know I was getting tired so I'm sure you were too, but you guys brought out Cherokee.  Cherokee seemed to have an instant bond.  He lowered his head for me, and moved off when I asked, and "joined up" with me.  I knew he was the one for me.  So with all that, I thank you both for your patience.  A special thanks to Rachel for being available a couple more times to work with Cherokee and me at TaPs before y’all brought them home to me and DJ.  I changed Cherokee's name to Ezekiel (Zeke for short).  Biblical, it means God strengthens, and I know God is using Zeke to strengthen me in many ways.  I also believe God will use Zeke and Faith to strengthen others as DJ and I continue to pray about and work toward having a place where God will use the relationship between people and horses for healing.  Thank you both again and I pray God's power, presence and blessings in your lives!     ~DJ and Amy      





I would like to thank you, Karen, for allowing us to have a piece of Heaven on Earth with these two magnificent creatures.  We cannot express the love and joy they add to our lives.     ~ Michele






Karen, my boy LOVES Gambler!  Thanks for this sweet guy!  You guys do amazing work!     ~ Melissa




Karen, Fred did very well with his hoof trimming today - after sedation. I caught this earlier today when I was just putting everyone in the corral.  I was a little scared, but Fred seems to have a very protective nature when it comes to my little girl.  It is kind of neat to watch. I loved Shortcake with all my heart, but I never saw with him, what I saw today.     ~ Lynn



Hi Karen, I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks again for helping us find just the right horse.  I really appreciate your honesty and horse knowledge.  Lady has turned out to be a great addition to our family.  My nieces just love her, and she takes care of them!  My husband John rides her the most.  The two of them have bonded.  Lady nickers for joy when John approaches her.  He is the only one that gets that honor!     ~ Vicki

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