Karen Bander

Co-founder, Director

Insights from Karen

To Blanket or Not to Blanket?

11/12/14 by Karen Bander

Just because it's cold, it doesn't mean you need to blanket your horse. They like cold weather and their thick winter fur will keep them warm. They need a place to stay dry and a wind break. If you must blanket them, take it off during the day when it's warm (above 40 degrees). They sweat under the blanket during the day, making them wet and colder that night.

Train Your Horse

7/22/14 by Karen Bander


I got a call recently from a lady whose 84-year-old father was going into assisted living. He could no longer care for his 3 horses. They were 9, 10 & 13 years old. They haven’t been trained, they are just pets.

I got a call last month from a couple who needed to find homes for their brood mares. They had each delivered several foals (which I’m sure they sold). They were not trained since they were only going to be brood mares.


So that’s at least five healthy horses with absolutely no adoptability except to be a companion horse. They have many more years to live, but very little chance of finding a home. It’s kind of like raising your kids without sending them to school or teaching them any life skills – they are a drain on society and the economy.

Just like people, horses need a job. They need a purpose. Without that, they are useless to society. A thousand pound animal without discipline and training is dangerous. They cannot bring joy to people because they cannot be handled or ridden.


People who do not train their horses to have good ground manners, to lead, load, stand for the farrier, be ridden or pull a cart, are doing a disservice to the animal. We never know when we will have to find a new home for our beloved horses, either because of our own health issues, financial changes, or just growing old. If horses are well trained, even when they get old, it is easier to find them a good family and a new forever home.


So, before you let your horses just lounge around in the pasture, please consider how important it is to train them just in case they need to find another job.