Helping Horses, It's What We Do!
Your Gift Helps Us Save More Horses

We carefully budget to ensure we have the funds to provide appropriate care for each and every horse we take in. The more donations we receive, the more horses we can help!  

We appreciate every single donation and use every dollar to help the horses.  You can make a one-time gift or set up an automatic monthly donation.

Provides a week of hay for one horse

Provides annual vaccines for one horse

Provides 3 weeks of alfalfa and feed for one horse

Provides one month of total care for one horse

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Therapeutic Riding

Throwaway Ponies has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal,


our commitment

to transparency.

“Throwaway Ponies has met the strict qualifications for Verification,” said Jeannine Alexander, GFAS Deputy Director-Equine. “We welcome them

to the group of equine organizations

that have raised

the standard for

equine care,

rehabilitation and


Horse Rescues

The IRS​ has confirmed our status as a 501c3 organization.

Throwaway Ponies is proud to be one of the many excellent rescue facilities that meets the criteria to be listed on 

Horse Rescues in Texas

We are a member of the Homes for Horses Coallition.

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